Does Your Loved One Have Alzheimer's Disease?

Does Your Loved One Have Alzheimer's Disease?

Arrange for Alzheimer's in-home care in Sarasota, FL

An Alzheimer's diagnosis can be overwhelming, both for its health implications and the extra care your loved one will need. You don't have to sign your family member or friend up at an assisted living facility to get them the care they need. A Daughters Touch Home Health Agency can provide Alzheimer's in-home care services customized to your situation.

You can rely on our home health care agency in Sarasota, FL to...

  • Help with personal hygiene, including showering and grooming
  • Take care of light housekeeping chores
  • Prepare meals and offer medication reminders

We also provide errand service to assist your loved one with grocery or medication shopping. You can rest assured they will be cared for and content in the comfort of their own home.

Set up in-home health care services by contacting us today.

Keep your loved one active

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to stay in motion. Our Alzheimer's in-home care services go beyond visiting your loved one's home. We can also encourage and assist with exercise routines and take your family member on outings like luncheons, community events or restaurants if they're physically able.

Every individual has different needs. Call our home health care agency at 941-894-0990 for more information about our services.