Let Us Care for Your Family Member

Let Us Care for Your Family Member

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Do you worry about an older family member but don't have the means to visit them and make sure they're okay? A Daughters Touch Home Health Agency can check in on your loved one as often as you need and provide any necessary in-home care. Our home health care agency in Sarasota, FL can help by...

  • Making sure your loved one's home is well kept
  • Helping your family member with food or health needs
  • Having a friendly conversation to build a caring friendship

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Get the care your loved one needs

You don't necessarily need to hire full-time care to make sure your family member is safe and cared for. We can send a nurse as often as you want to provide in-home care services. Whether you want an appointment every other day or once a week, you can create a schedule to give you peace of mind and keep your family member content.

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