See what our clients are saying!

“The dedication and care A Daughter’s Touch gave to my father and mother was exceptional. They helped with errands and prepared meals on a daily basis. It eased my worries to know my parents had help when I could not be there.”

Karen S.

“My brother has more fun with the girls at A Daughter’s Touch. They take him out to parks, shopping, ice cream shops, and other activities. Thank you for the adventures you provide him.”

Tina A.

“My mother was always a women who had to be perfect before she left the bedroom in the morning. The staff at A Daughter’s Touch always had her hair and makeup done before breakfast and kept her looking beautiful all day long. It comforted me to know that they continued my mother’s own standard of dress even when she could not do it on her own. No matter when I arrived the staff had my mother perfectly groomed and active all day long.”

Bob K.

“I lost my ability to drive due to a disability. Your staff is so great at helping me get to and through my doctor’s appointments. If I need to stop for some errands they are always so gracious in helping me throughout the store. I know that when I call for a ride I get a courteous driver who is willing to go the extra mile to see to my comfort and needs.”

Mary W.

“I can’t say enough about the girl you sent to care for my parents. It was only a few hours a week but for more than a year she cared for my parents. The care, comfort, and companionship the received went more for the quality of their last days than you could ever know. Thank you for taking the effort to put someone so compatible to my parents and giving them a joy none of us ever anticipated.”

Rachel B.

“My father is a very particular man was worried that he would never accept the help of anyone outside of myself or my siblings. Your staff was so precise in the execution of their duties to him that even he could not find something to complain about. Thank you for the excellence you provided in your care of him.”

Thomas D.

“Thank you Christine! You and your staff are always smiling and dedicated to your care of clients that if I ever need help you will be the ones I call. I watch you around the facility as you accompany different people to activities you are always so professional and kind. Your staff work so hard no matter who they are caring for. It is a delight to watch you and your girls work.”

Pam A.